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  De Castro Story - The Principal Family Lines - Solomon and Daniel, sons of Solomon - 1

Solomon DE CASTRO 1763-1785

He was the eldest of the two brothers. It is said on most trees that he was born in 1763 and married Rachel the daughter of Emanuel Fernandez in March 1783. Solomon died in March 1785.

Note: In the potted account of the posible Spanish origin it was found that the head of the Castro family was one Fernandez .... Interesting, as here we have some 4 or 500 years later yet again one of the Leading Castillian family names turning up in London as a member of the Portuguese Jewish families. Even more so that this Fernandez in fact carried the name of the earlier head of the family they were posibly distant cousins?


Solomon and Rachel had one daughter who was born after her father died. She was named Sarah and was born on 27th May 1785. She married aged 40 to the Reverend H.F.A. de La Fitte. This was the first marriage in the family according to Christian rites. Very little is known about this couple, there were no children. On one tree there is the cryptic comment

Sarah de la Fitte squandered all her property on a Wesleyan Minister's family named "Turnbull"

The comment is attributed to a Daniel de Castro (1836-1903) This would be an interesting story in its own right if we could find out what went on.

Among information from England is the following notice

31st October 1794, at Pimlico, Mrs De La Fite wife of the Rev de La Fite late Chaplain to the Prince of Orange. At the death of her husband in 1782 she came to England and was engaged in the education of the Princes Elizabeth.

For a long time this item has been taken to refer to Sarah the daughter. However by looking at the dates there is no way this can be so. I suspect that this is Henry's mother as there is no other explanation

The Princes Elizabeth referred to was the daughter of George the Third. This probably came from an obituary notice and illustrates how one can pick up information from such sources.

  De Castro Story - The Principal Family Lines - Solomon and Daniel, sons of Solomon - 2

Daniel DE CASTRO1755-1840

This is our ancestor. He was born on 21st April 1775 and died on 17 January 1840.

It is recorded that he was a member of the London Stock Exchange, but retired early to Warfield Cottage, near Bracknell, Berkshire South of Windsor Castle) where he farmed (his iron sheep brand was still in existence in the 1920's

He was the residuary legatee to Sarah Judith, his cousin who married his Uncle Daniel, and also to his mother Sarah (Lara).

In the last years of his life he lived at Teresa Terrace Hammersmith.

There was a miniature of him held by Herman de Castro now posibly in the Jewish museum in London.

He married on 25th October 1797, Rebecca Lara who was born on 10th Sept 1774 and died on 6th January 1848.

I wonder if he was a Stock Broker in the terms we know today. In Roth's book there is comment about how members of the Jewish community were stock jobbers on the Royal Exchange.

In 1697 parliamentary authority was obtained to reform this institution. The law, when it was rewritten, established the number of Jews who were permitted to be on the Exchange. They were given 12 positions which was far more than all the other alien brokers together and in being recognised in the law this arrangement has been termed the first step in Anglo-Jewish emancipation. The brokers (agents for the sale and purchase of commodities) who practised on the Royal Exchange are confused by other writers with stock brokers according to Roth.

Members of the Stock Exchange had to be Freemen of the City and this was not permitted until after the start of 1800's although in the 1750's there were some baptised Jews permitted to join. If he had been baptised then he would have been permitted to become a member of the stock exchange?. If he was not he would have probably been a Stock Jobber.

I suspect that as he was described as a stock broker and that as his children were all married to Christians that it was Daniel and Rebecca who were baptised into the Christian faith. When and where is to be found out. I feel that his membership of the London Stock exchange could be located which may give us a few clues.

Another point that could be followed up is his farm. Again there are clear dates that can be found which define the first time the Jewish people could own land. They normally leased land at peppercorn rents for long periods. Again, if baptised, Jews could claim citizenship then they could own land so here again a search of the deed of the farm could tell us if he owned or rented the land which will give us a clue.

Rebecca and Daniel had 6 children.

  De Castro Story - The Principal Family Lines - Solomon and Daniel, sons of Solomon - 3

Sarah Mary DE CASTRO 1780 - ?

Most trees do not show Sarah Mary and those that do, do not continue her line at all. To me the most interesting thing about Sarah is her second name. It is not one that you would expect a good Jewish family to use. As we know absolutely nothing about her we cannot speculate. As there is some doubt about her very existence and we have no details other than a name then she at this time has been put on the tree last.

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